Thursday, October 1, 2009

Capturing Joy...rather than light

I have recently become painfully aware of how the need for order in my life is affecting my photography - which is what I am most passionate about. I am always trying to create the perfect image or look for the perfect light. While this has served me well in reaching my personal and professional goals, it is occuring to me that I am missing the boat in many ways. Actually, I am missing the joy. I am noticing that other people see the world much differently than I do. Randomly. With all of it's imperfections and mistakes...and find humor there. I want to learn to see the world more randomly.

This is an experiment in learning to see differently. Every day for a year, I am going to take my pocket digital camera with me everywhere hoping to catch life as it really is. I am going to leave my professional SLR at home and use a camera that doesn't capture perfect pictures. I am hoping that I will grow along the way. That my photography will grow in depth and insight and that I will find more joy in the everyday randomness of life as it really is.

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  1. WHAT a great idea!! I love that your doing this!
    Very neat.